Building High Performance Business Relationships

Rescue, improve and transform your most valuable assets


There is typically a 10-50+% win/win improvement in moving from the Current State to Desired Future State


Typically there is a 10% + improvement in the financial metrics for every 1 point improvement on the scale


Result metrics typically include a strong improvement in the key stakeholder relationships

0 to 10 Relationship Management

  • Relationship management is important because relationships – good, bad or indifferent – are central to the way business is managed and the way we live our lives. Better relationships therefore make better people, better business and a better life.
  • The focus of 0 to 10 Relationship Management is to add value for organisations wanting to implement practical and effective relationship rescue, relationship management and relationship improvement strategies.
  • 0 to 10RM provides a framework for understanding and proactively managing business relationships and their improvement.

Our Specialist Services

0 to 10 RM provides workshops, seminars and a wide range of consulting and training activities to organisations interested in pursuing the benefits of strategic partnering and alliance relationships and high performance business and contract relationship management including:

  1. Coaching in the management and leadership of high performance relationships.
  2. Participating on Joint Leadership and Management Teams.
  3. Assistance in the ongoing management and improvement of customer/supplier relationships and alliance partnering relationships in particular.
  4. Troubleshooting – independent third party assistance in the resolution of issues and conflicts.
  5. Development, negotiation, agreement and sign-off of Partnering and Alliance agreements.
  6. Development of high performance relationship Case Studies (for internal and/or external consumption) around the highlights, lessons learnt, opportunities for improvement, value adding and competitive points of difference.

Our Specialist Coaching Workshops

High Performance Relationship Management Seminars & Workshops
Contractual Relationship review and improvement
Project review and improvement
Change management
Relationship Alignment Diagnostic (RAD)
Relationship/project rescue and reset
Relationship strategy review and development
Business strategy planning
Internal alignment
Customer/supplier partner evaluation and selection
Bid team preparation
Commercial contract negotiation
Risk/reward modelling

The Flagship 0 to 10 RM Program will train you to become a practitioner

  • The 0 to 10 Relationship Manager Program is designed for Relationship Managers who will be implementing 0 to 10RM models and tools within their core roles and responsibilities. 
  • 0 to 10 Relationship Managers will be key players in business relationship rescue, relationship management and relationship improvement initiatives at strategic and operational levels, internal and external to the organisation. 
  • 0 to 10 Relationship Managers are certified content practitioners rather than formal trainers and facilitators.
  • This program consists of five modules:
    Module 1: The 0 to 10RM framework
    Module 2: 0 to 10RM Key Components
    Module 3: People and the Lets Go change model
    Module 4: Journey Management
    Module 5: Making the framework fly

Who Should Attend

  • Business Relationship Managers
  • Partnering and Alliance Managers
  • Senior Managers / Account Executives
  • Procurement Managers / Specialists
  • Key Account Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Business Consultants / Coaches

For more information on this unique program please download the draft agenda. While typically delivered over two days it can be tailored to fit your circumstances over one day. 

Who developed 0 to 10RM?

The 0 to 10 Relationship Management framework and materials was developed by Tony Lendrum, author of Building High Performance Relationship Management, the Strategic Partnering Handbook and the Strategic Partnering Pocketbook
Tony Lendrum has licensed a number of OWC affiliated consultants to use this material after being involved in projects with Tony over many years in their careers

Limited FREE eRAD offer

The eRAD is a unique diagnostic tool which enables any two parties (A and B) involved in a business relationship, to independently or in collaboration, conduct a relationship "health check" and improve their working relationship.

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