Building High Performance Business Relationships

Get the most from your most valuable assets


There is typically a 10-50+% win/win improvement in moving from the Current State to Desired Future State 


Typically there is a 10% + improvement in the financial metrics for every 1 point improvement on the scale


Result metrics typically include a strong improvement in the key stakeholder relationships

Relationship Management Coaching

  • Relationship management is important because relationships – good, bad or indifferent – are central to the way business is set-up, managed and the way we live our lives. Better relationships therefore make better people, better business and a better life.
  • The focus of 0 to 10 Relationship Management is to add value for SME organisations wanting to implement practical and effective relationship reset, relationship management and relationship improvement strategies.
  • 0 to 10RM provides a framework for understanding and proactively managing business relationships and their improvement from Start-Up to SME phase.

Our Specialist Services

0 to 10 RM provides Zoom coaching services, workshops, seminars and a wide range of consulting and training activities to organisations interested in pursuing the benefits of high performance business and contract relationship management including:

  1. Coaching in the management and leadership of high performance business relationships.
  2. Assistance in the ongoing management and improvement of customer/supplier relationships and partnering relationships in particular.
  3. Troubleshooting – independent third party assistance in the resolution of issues and conflicts.
  4. Development, negotiation, agreement and sign-off of Business Plans and Partnering agreements.
  5. Development of high performance internal and/or external business relationship analysis around highlights, lessons learnt, opportunities for improvement, value adding and competitive points of difference.

Our Specialist Coaching Workshops

High Performance Relationship Management Seminars & Workshops
Contractual Relationship review and improvement
Project review and improvement
Change management
Relationship Alignment Diagnostic (RAD)
Relationship/project reset
Relationship Type review and development
Business and Strategy planning
Internal alignment
Customer/supplier partner evaluation and selection
Bid team preparation & support
Financial modelling support

Who developed 0 to 10RM?

The 0 to 10 Relationship Management framework and materials was developed by Tony Lendrum, author of Building High Performance Relationship Management, the Strategic Partnering Handbook and the Strategic Partnering Pocketbook
Tony Lendrum has licensed a number of OWC affiliated consultants to use this material after being involved in projects with Tony over many years in their careers

Limited FREE eRAD offer

The eRAD is a unique diagnostic tool which enables any two parties (A and B) involved in a business relationship, to independently or in collaboration, conduct a relationship "health check" and improve their working relationship.

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