Business Improvement and Growth.

Our mission is to help your organisation work smoothly and reach its full potential whilst creating long-lasting, beneficial change in your business.


Business Improvement and Growth

We think ‘BIG’ to enhance our client’s strategy, structure, people, process and culture – to help grow their business, improve performance and profit. 

We assist organisations with development challenges and strategy reviews as well as selection and planning, implementation and execution of business strategies.

Whether your company is experiencing internal organisational change and improvement or is expanding through tendering or acquisition; experience tells us that the most successful projects are those that have a strong culture supported by effective project management processes.

Our core competencies are multiple team and stakeholder relationship management, communicating vision, encouraging leadership, increasing engagement, complex planning and effective management during the implementation of a change strategy. 

We can meet your business improvement and growth needs with:


Client/supplier team support - bids and tenders

From making the decision to develop a tender for the market or to respond to an invitation to tender, we will advise and support you as a client or supplier with all stages of a bid/tender procurement process.


People, resourcing and organisation management

If you lack internal resources to get the project done right and on time, we will lead and/or work within your team and provide our experienced people for a range of activities including business reviews, bids, tenders and transitions including the project delivery phase.

change-transitionChange, transition and transformation

You have won the tender or acquired the company and now you have to implement your plan and integrate a lot of new people! We will guide you through the change process including HR/IR matters, logistical support, financial and commercial support or sourcing key personnel. We can also provide a proven methodology to align Strategy, Structure, Process, People and Culture and create an integrated high-performing team. This is the 0to10 Relationship Management framework of tools and processes.


Organisation development

Growing too quickly or too slowly? We will assist you with organisational development challenges through strategy design, review, planning and implementation. 


Risk Mitigation

Our years of experience in the field allow us to anticipate issues and problems before they arise and develop common sense strategies to mitigate risk to your business.


Australia & China - joint ventures, acquisitions and strategic partnerships

If you seek to grow your business nationally in Australia or to expand into China through strategic mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures, we will help you identify suitable target partners and facilitate the relationship building and implementation of your strategy.

Our Alliance with Sinogie provides you with geographic, political, industry and cultural knowledge and expertise to pave your path from Australia into China and from China into Australia. Our in-depth knowledge and experience with the Total Facilities Management Public Transport, and Utilities sectors can provide you with a process and program roadmap to find the right target partner and invest wisely.

Value generation - land and property

If you have precious funds locked up in Land and Property, OWC will help you design and implement a process roadmap to get the best value from your asset.

kerr-partneringOWC was a strategic partner and part owner of Kerr Partnering a specialist, niche, strategic property advisory firm until 2017 and involved on several major urban renewal projects in VIC and NSW. Whether you want to find the buyer who will give you the best price for your land and property at the beginning of a project or find the best developer to partner with you and share the sale proceeds at the end of the project, we can guide you from inception to realisation of the value in your asset.

To see how we can help guide your business through organisational change to reach its full potential, contact our team

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