Join our Incubator Program 

OWC has created a consultant incubator program for graduates looking to give consulting a try without the complex, risky and expensive set-up costs.


Save on insurance and overheads while earning the bulk of Client fees  


Mentoring, marketing and administration support for you and your clients


Impressive City location with a full range of quality facilities, meeting rooms and guest areas

Do you have a talent that others would value?

The OWC team remembers why we got into consulting. We had something we were passionate about and wanted to build a business developing our passion working to benefit multiple clients.

We remember the lonely start to our consulting careers and the benefits of being part of a team.  

So now OWC extends an invitation to you to discuss your passion with us and seek the mentoring benefits of being part of OWC as you start your consulting journey.

What's in it for me? 

Like all other OWC consultants you can: 
> market yourself on the OWC website, and social media pages; 
> pitch for larger projects supported by the wider OWC team;
> command a higher rate as part of an established firm
> earn the bulk of client fees invoiced;
> be included in OWC insurance cover and other overheads
> build knowledge and experience faster; 
> access and use our office in the city of Melbourne;

Get in touch to find out more.

Contact us to book a meeting

We are allocating Thursday each week to meet people interested in our Graduate Program. 

Leave us your name, number and a preferred time between 10am-4pm and we will schedule you in.

Dont miss out on this exciting opportunity to get into the rewarding and flexible lifestyle of consultancy

One World Consulting

We have been providing expert consulting services since 2006.

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 Ph +61 478 308 447

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