Childcare Consultancy Services And Support  

We empower our clients to create

low-risk and sustainable Childcare Services

Design and SetUp

You will complete comprehensive design, compliance and business planning processes, to set-up and operate a viable childcare service.


We will assist you in all that's required to make your service fully compliant including obtaining necessary personal and venue safety and compliance checks for permits and approvals. .

Management Services

We can offer access to information, an innovative marketing platform, training pathways , quality early learning materials and other small business resources to support your service.

Why are we the best choice for Childcare Services

We provide support tailored to your specific requirements. We work with you through the process building your confidence and capabilities. We advise, coach and help you to set-up and build a sustainable business providing compliant childcare services 

Assessment for Professional Development

We assess knowledge and skills of educators and develop a plan for improving professionalism.

Financial Assessment and Business Plan

Assess your services with compliance and funding system. Develop business plan for growth and development.

Service Provider Contacts

We provide support with contacts of service providers e.g. planners, equipment.

Compliance Assessment

We assess your service with compliance and with the National and Federal law.

System Optimisation

Control your workflow documents e.g. children enrolments, program plannings, contracts using information system.

Research and Consultation

We conduct specialised and thorough research and provide consultation based on the findings of the analysis. 

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Free Audit

We customise service depending on each client needs. We conduct free audit under national quality framework before providing any solution.

Our Prominent Services include

  • 1
    Service set-ups and Licensing
  • 2
    Training and Marketing
  • 3
    Acquisition and Accreditation Support
  • 4
    Operational and Educator Support

Got a Childcare Service issue in mind ?

Vera Vasilchenko

I provide business development and compliance consultation services in the Early Childhood Business Sector.

My goal is to empower and enable Early Childhood Approved Providers, Services and Educators, contributing to their goals of setting up and delivering high-quality Early Childhood businesses.

I am committed to sharing my knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for Child Care Services to help you keep the choice of Family Day Care available to families needing flexibility. 

Liam McFadden

Childcare services are fundamental to the rebuilding of local economies after COVID-19. If you have been impacted by this unplanned change in our world I am here to help you join in the rebuild of this sector. 

Whether it's revising your business plan to survive, begin again in this new world or creating a new one, I can help you to develop a business plan you can own and implement that meets government / investor / finance needs. 

I have more than 25 years experience developing business plans / cases to get new projects and businesses approved and funded. and look forward to helping you .

We can support recruitment of new educators

“OWC is associated with Clann who are operating 'Life. Be in it. FamilyCare’ an exciting new social enterprise enabling employment and empowering families to provide and receive family care that is accessible, flexible and affordable. Their commitment to carers is to provide access to training and employment pathways and OWC can offer CCS client Services the opportunity to recruit from their  Certificate III qualified candidates with valuable work experience gained as a 'Life. Be in it. FamilyCarer'.

One World Consulting

We have been providing expert consulting services since 2006.

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