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Since beginning in Australia in 2006 we have specialised in planning, implementation and communications for private and public sector procurement programs and projects. We have worked on projects ranging from $5m to $1.5b in size with a number of high-profile clients:


The One World Consulting team have known each other and worked together on various projects over the past 30 years as employees of and consultants to major services companies growing through competitive bids and tenders. We have lived and worked across Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.  We have brought all this hard won shared experience under the One World Consulting brand to help clients master procurement processes and business relationships both as customers and suppliers. 

Change can be challenging.

We understand these challenges and have developed practical solutions to respond.

To achieve the best results for your business, you have to work with the right people with the right expertise - that's why we've assembled a team of trusted industry expert resources to call on and help you with every step of your organisation's improvement and growth.

Meet The Team

Liam has 25 years of financial, commercial and contractual and strategic partnering project experience working in both the private and public sectors in Australia and Ireland.

Liam McFadden

Lead Adviser

David has senior, project and procurement management experience including strategic business planning and marketing for rapid growth, start-up, transition, alliancing, 

David Millward

Lead Adviser

Cathal has been employed as an Occupational Health and Safety Manager since 2007 in the civil engineering and commercial construction sectors on a wide range of projects for both government and private bodies.

Cathal Uniacke

OH & S Management and Advice

David has an extensive international network and national and regional P&L responsibility in a diverse range of industries.

David Abbott

Bids & Tenders

Jennifer has diverse management, HR and financial experience across a wide business spectrum in both existing and start-up businesses.

Jennifer Brewer

Human Resources

Lawrence is a change management professional with extensive project management expertise across a wide section of industry & government

Lawrence Norton

Transition & Operations

An experienced consultant who has worked with a broad client base in the development and implementation of organisation improvement initiatives.

Jeremy Cattell

Organisational Change Management

David has in excess of 25 years’ experience in senior management positions ranging from Fortune 500 organisations to new start ups, 

David Willson 

Business Growth Strategist

With 20+ years of experience in the direction and management of complex projects, Nick has extensive knowledge of strategy, business development, operations, commercial and finance. 

Nicholas Martin

Project Director and Commercial Advice

Having worked with 16 of the top 20 fortune 500 companies, Jock uses a range of communications tools and processes including Thinking Insight Text Analytics, Harrison Owen’s Anatomy of Communication, and the Don’t Press Paradigm Method. Jock has 40 years of applied experience in corporate communications and has won several awards for his illustration work.

Jock Maneish - B. Arch.

Workshop Facilitator and Illustrator

Rick has 40+ years’ business experience in the public and private sector. His in-depth business knowledge spans both operations and commercial management, across a range of industries including; Resources & Energy, Power, Rail & Water Utilities, Facilities & Asset Management, throughout the Asia Pacific Region and in, North America and India. 

Rick Davis

Manager Business and Contract Improvement

With over 25 years’ management experience in both private and public sectors at Transfield Services ANZ, Transfield Services’ Rail Infrastructure Group and Rail in NSW and Queensland; Peter has extensive experience consulting on development, implementation and management of transport businesses and major infrastructure projects. 

Peter Wilkinson

Asset Management and Infrastructure Advice

Tim is one of Australia’s foremost financial modellers, both in building financial models and leading financial modelling teams. He has the unique combination of deep technical modelling ability, with extensive experience, whilst delivering high quality services to clients. Tim has over 20 years of spreadsheet modelling experience, through development of spreadsheet models to testing of models and project management of modelling engagements and teams. 

Tim Emonson

Expert Modeller

One World Consulting

We have been providing expert consulting services since 2006.

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