Business Recovery

Even though I have worked with most of the OWC team for more than 25-years, I’m still impressed with what they can do for organisations big and small that need help with a BIG problem at short notice.

The Problem

Our most recent business recovery project was for a customer who was losing customers as a consequence of being short & late on delivery of goods orders, losing the ‘cold chain’ conditions on chilled and frozen goods; and supplying damaged and ‘date expired’ stock.

The company had bought a going concern from a family run operation without addressing key cultural and other changes required. An additional acquisition soon after resulted in unplanned stock transfers into unsuitable storage areas. The merger of different management, IT and accounting systems was managed remotely and not integrated with the operations.

What we did:

Within a week our operations expert Lawrence Norton, organized a team including @Jennifer Brewer, submitted a proposal and quote and when accepted began working a mix of day, night and weekend shifts on the client site where they:

  • Established a common understanding of the current supply chain and financial processes, horizontally and vertically from top to bottom.
  • Mapped and prioritised deficiencies and changes required to remove key issues and stem loss of customers
  • Reorganised staffing and logistics operations to deliver to customer and business requirements
  • Stabilised safety and environmental standards to meet regulatory and company standards
  • Redesigned warehouse layouts and traffic plans to reduce risk and “pick” times
  • Researched, designed and implemented a safer and more efficient supply chain by;
  1.           Reorganising the warehouse, fridges, loading area and staffing to minimise “pick                times”
  2.           Implementing sequential loading and staging to maintain truck timetable and the              “Cold Chain”
  3.           Extending chain of responsibility as far as practicable to eliminate errors at earliest            point
  4.          Consolidation and stabilisation of inventory to meet customer actual needs
  • Process mapped end to end business activities including horizontal and vertical interdependencies; and
  • Identified financial and commercial cost drivers.

The outcome and client benefits

  • The end result after just 6-weeks was.
  • Performance targets consistently met and exceeded for on time departure ‘cold chain’ maintenance and DIFOTA;
  • Compliance with safety standards met and audited by “Worksafe”;
  • Operational and organisational restructure accepted and implemented by management and staff;
  • Reduction/elimination of; average pick times, mid shift fork lift battery recharges, warehouse driver overtime and breakages/losses;
  • Staff morale improved and with it the acceptance of changes that led to staff-initiated improvements being offered;
  • Customer loss stemmed and staff and management focus realigned on maintaining standards instead of firefighting multiple problems;
  • Improved financial and commercial performance.

On final handover Lawrence and the team provided a “Road Map” to enable the client to continue the improvement and development process.

This project was planned and undertaken concurrently, something that 25+ years of experience each allowed the team to do with confidence. It is this experience that allows me to recommend them to any organisation experiencing an operational crisis that needs to be turned around quickly.

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